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Battery Problem .. Please Help

By hk knight ·
Hi .. i have an HP Pavilion Dv6 and it is new but the thing is i updated the Boise using the HP Health Care application .. but now .. when i plug the Ac adapter it still shows that it is working on the battery even-though it is charging it and it is working on the AC not on the battery .. but doesn't show the fact that it is plugged to the AC.
I don't know if it's the boise Update or not but how can i check it .. or better how can i fix it ...
Thank you and best regards,

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RE: Battery Problem

by RIUKev In reply to Battery Problem .. Please ...

Did you update the BIOS? I'm thinking that is what you meant by Boise? Are you referring to the battery icon that shows up in your taskbar? Hover your mouse over it to see what percent charge the battery has, maybe it needs charged 100%. Also you can configure settings through control panel, power options. Maybe you don't want to see the icon on your taskbar anymore, uncheck that option.

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Thank you ..

by hk knight In reply to RE: Battery Problem

Thank you for your reply .. but yes i meant the BIOS .. and yes .. i do want to see it actually but after the update .. i sow the problem .. before it the battery icon was fine .. the thing is that it keeps the power sitting as if i am on battery when i am on ac .. which means the brightness of the monitor and the the sleep mode timing and all are for the battery not for the AC mode .. and i don't know if formatting will fix the problem .. cause you know .. i think it is a Bios Update Problem .. so what do you think now?? ..

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Try this

by seanferd In reply to Battery Problem .. Please ...

just for kicks.

Shut down and unplug the AC.
Remove battery.
Plug in and boot up. Do work on your system as normal.

Next time you shut down, unplug, and re-insert battery.

Plug in, boot up, and see what the indicator says.

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thank you ..

by hk knight In reply to Try this

I did that ... didn't work .. but you never know .. i will do it again and i will keep it longer and see ..

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Ah, well, if the HP Update app caused this

by seanferd In reply to thank you ..

by updating the BIOS, you may want to contact HP, and/or visit the support page for your system to see if this is a known and fixable problem. I fit is a newer BIOS update, HP should be informed that there is a problem.

Good luck. It sounds like a rather more annoying problem than just an incorrect battery indicator icon displaying!

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