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    Battery Problems on a Dell C600


    by darindevore ·

    I have a Dell C600 laptop.. the power adapter works fine and is not getting hot… i have changed new batterys twice and heres my problem… when i plug the adapter into the laptop it works fine… the front light on the right side lights up green as its taking a charge… then goes off after about 5 seconds… i have wiggles the power receptical and not results… the battery monitor itself says the battery is charging when infact it isnt.. computer has to always be plugged in because for some reason.. any ideas???? power receptical??? motherboard????

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      A couple of thoughts

      by nicknielsen ·

      In reply to Battery Problems on a Dell C600

      Check the battery connections in the laptop body. Make sure none of them are deformed or corroded and that all of them are still able to make good contact with the battery contacts.

      Another thing to consider is body deformation in the laptop. Has it been dropped recently? It doesn’t take much.

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      Battery Problmes on a Dell C600

      by customer_advocate ·

      In reply to Battery Problems on a Dell C600

      The worst case scenario is that the charger board (integrated into the motherboard) is the problem, and the motherboard needs to be replaced.

      NickNielsen’s suggestion of checking the contacts in the battery bay is a good idea. On the same lines, you could try removing the optical drive (CD/DVD) and put the battery in to that bay (the right) to see if it works there. You can use the battery in either front bay, but the drives only work in the one (the main battery bay on the left does not have drive connections).

      If you have another C-series Latitude available you can try your battery in that system, or their battery in yours, to see if the problem stays with the battery or your computer. All of the C-series systems use the same size and shape of batteries.

      The user and service manuals for the system ( have information about the bays and battery behavior (

      If you have other questions on the system, I’ll be happy to provide any help I can.

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