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    battery problems with toshiba satellite 1955-s805


    by knonee ·

    This sounds strange, but here goes. I have a toshiba satellite 1955-s805 that is about 4 years old. I have just replaced the battery from Best Buy (probably refurbished). The problem is that the battery charges after a restart with the wall adaptor plugged in. It then reaches 100% charge, the battery charge light goes off and the battery begins to discharge. The battery then completely discharges and the laptop shuts off. And IT’S STILL PLUGGED IN TO THE OUTLET. I am at a loss here. This happened with the old battery too.

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      by knonee ·

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      Several possible ideas…

      by alpha-male ·

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      Toshiba may offer diagnostic software to monitor and test this. I know HP does.

      How long does it take to charge your battery to 100%? The reason I ask, is I had a laptop with similar symptoms, but what was going on was it was never really charging properly….so when disconnected from the AC adapter, the battery died within a couple of minutes.

      In this case, the AC Adapter was the source of the problem. It is also common that damage to the jack where you connect the ac adapter to the laptop can cause this. You may be able to test by charging in an expansion base/dock….

      Another possible area to look is in the software on your system. Do you see the same results if you boot and charge it under safe mode? If so, it could be a software issue.

      Just a few thoughts. Hope you find something there that helps. Good luck…

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        battery problems with Toshiba laptop 1955-S805

        by knonee ·

        In reply to Several possible ideas…

        Thanks for your help. Actually, it takes about an hour to fully charge and the charge does last for about another hour. But, it’s just strange that the laptop just dies when the battery discharges and its still plugged in.
        Unfortunately, I am out of warranty- but Toshiba may be my only answer. I have booted in safe mode, but haven’t timed anything-I can try that. I thought about the adaptor, but it works well for a whole cycle. As soon as its rebooted(after it dies),the computer starts charging again. The port does also does seem a bit loose. You have given me a few things to try. Thanks again.

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      I had the same problem: Here’s the solution

      by gtmoore ·

      In reply to battery problems with toshiba satellite 1955-s805

      You can try replacing your power manager.
      Go to the Toshiba site and download the latest power manager for the S805.
      If that doesn’t seem to work, when your batter reaches 40%, remove it. Use your laptop WITHOUT a battery when it is plugged in. It is better for the battery and for saving energy.

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