Battery won't charge on my Dell Inspirion 1525

I'm trying to help a friend . He said his battery stopped charging on his laptop , so he bought a new battery.

Now , the new battery won't charge at all.

Please help.

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There are two things you may want to try. Per Dell...

If the battery appears not to be charging at all, but is actually just charging slowly, it is functioning as designed and does not need to be replaced. Boot into the BIOS using F2 at power up. Then navigate to the battery status page. From there, watch the charge for a few hours (I suggest booting to this BIOS page before going to bed at night). If there is any progress at all, just give it time, and it will eventually charge and behave normally. This is a design feature of the battery. It's typical to batteries that are stored after manufacturing for long periods of time before the pc's get to the customer. This scenario is more common to systems purchased from retail outlets as opposed to directly from Dell.

Remove the battery and adapter, then hold down the power button for 5-10 seconds. Plug in and perform step one.

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Old XPS Gen2 same problem.

by rocketman67 In reply to Battery won't charge on m ...

I have a Dell XPS Gen2 that had a similar problem. I fixed the problem by leaving it unplugged for a few days.Did not use it at all because I had another PC. Then I plugged it back it back in let it charge an that fixed the problem. Now I make it a point to run it on the battery until I get a warning that says the battery needs recharging.
It's the original battery when I bough it.

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Is it an aftermarket battery or a Dell battery?

by robo_dev In reply to Battery won't charge on m ...

Batteries these days have active circuitry and even bios, and sometimes the clone batteries are hit or miss. And it could just be defective.

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