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BattleBots broadcast dates; CBS College Sports.

By CharlieSpencer ·
Episode 1 ? Thurs. 12/10 ? 9:00 PM ET

Ep 2 -12/17

Ep 3 - 12/24

Ep 4 - 12/31.

From BB's Twitter page:

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That figures...

by JCitizen In reply to BattleBots broadcast date ...

no wonder the networks have been jerking us around since, what? May? Or June, or whenever the original bout was!!

I figured it was bad scheduling typical of satellite lineups; but lately I told my buddies it will probably be a cold day in ****, before anyone bothers to sponsor the show. Despite hundreds of young supporters just in our area alone.

They have a following not totally unlike the original Star Trek series. These advertising dip-sticks are blowing an opportunity! They will never know it though, if someone doesn't get it on the air!

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Pulled from the schedule - maybe on Fox?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to That figures...

Read about it here:

I checked the CBS College Sports schedule yesterday and early this morning and didn't see it listed. Good thing I checked, since Time-Warner in SC charges extra for CBS-CS. Nothing wrong with that and it's only $5, but I'm glad I forgot to subscribe to it Monday like I'd planned.

The original bout was in April. I didn't expect to see it before September, since they'd have to edit the footage down into at least one show and present it to networks. The networks would then have to find a schedule slot, sell ad time, etc.

I think it would work well on Speed, SyFy, Versus, TLC, Science, Discovery, or that network aimed at young studs, the one with all the video game and Japanese obstacle course shows.

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I'm not a "yound stud" but...

by JCitizen In reply to Pulled from the schedule ...

I and my buds LOVED battle bots! I used to work in robotic/computer numeric control, and I was fascinated with violence I didn't have to feel a guilt trip on. Just let the machines duke it out!

One of us would gladly pay-per-view, but it doesn't look like the promoters have a clue!?

I agree with your channel preference, but rumor has it, that no sponsor will pay for it, hence the latest cancelation.

The channel directory showed it coming up until yesterday, on satellite, but disappeared only hours before broadcast.

I haven't seen this kind of directory chaos since the late eighties on C band!

I'm not surprised about an economic reason for this.

I'm not sure what Fox has to do with it.

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