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    BattleStar Galactica


    by jkaras ·

    Growing up as a boy I used to religiously watch Battle Star Galatica. Now the Scifi channel has bought the rights and produced two stellar mini movies to kick off the series. I’ve always looked at remakes with a wary eye, but I can honestly say this version is far better and not just because of computer graphics. They show the how and why things went bad, how the Cylons came to be, and the pains and joys of survival. It’s dark writting to me captures what the show’s origional intention was that turned campy in the 70’s.

    The Scifi channel has redone Dune previously, that to me was actually better than the movie. I think that they answer the questions that werent defined and only hinted at for a greater understanding. I look forward to more classic tv remakes from them that could easily replace this silly “reality tv”. To me it’s refreshing to see a quality show back on tv, hopefully the series will actually remain for a long run but wonder how they will be able to post a profit when the original series costed 1 mill a show. If you saw it what did you think? If not I suggest to give it a go.

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      Recovered costs

      by generalist ·

      In reply to BattleStar Galactica

      I seem to recall that Star Trek: TNG was produced at a high cost, knowing that the show wouldn’t be able to pay with a single season’s showing. The studio took the long view, gambling that they would be able to make money on syndication and videos.

      Perhaps Battlester Galactica is planning on doing the same thing. After all, would you buy a DVD set of the mini-series?

      I know that I would.

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      I liked the original series

      by road-dog ·

      In reply to BattleStar Galactica

      before it turned into a joke. I really liked the new miniseries, and think that it has promise as a weekly show, if they don’t lose their edge.

      You’re right, the second Dune was better. They kept the story added better cinematic techniques.

      I like how special effects have improved to the point where comic books can be turned into a well-done movie( Daredevil and The Hulk aside). The X-Men and Spiderman were great.

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      by imgtech ·

      In reply to BattleStar Galactica

      & I though this thread was RE: networking.

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      Oh dear

      by guruofdos ·

      In reply to BattleStar Galactica

      Another ressurection! Well, we have cable channel here in the UK which regularly shows re-runs of Quantum Leap. That could be worth a go too! Perhaps Al could upgrade ‘Ziggy’ to an Athlon XP and use some of those new-fangled ultra-blue LED’s to update things a bit.

      And what ever happened to Automan? That car was fantastic. Instantaneous 90 degree turns!! Bring them all back I say.

      Did you Americans ever have ‘Blake’s 7’ or ‘Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy’ shown over there? Now THAT was truly brilliant sci-fi. Despite the fact that HHG2G was produced in the early 80’s, the computer graphics are simply excellent. Blake’s 7 was about as ‘kitch’ as it comes, but with a little modern technology, the laser weapons could almost be made believable!!!

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        by jkaras ·

        In reply to Oh dear

        Automan? Man I havent thought of that horrible show in years. It cracked me up having reflective tape on a Lamborghini that made those rediculous 90 degree turns. The side kick cursor was a computer tinkerbell that all rather wanted to see rather than the two guys in the show. Man was that the worst acting on a show!!! I did at that time prefer Animal because the turning into animal sequences we good. It lost me though when he had to take on a master of martial arts and he had to study various animals in 24 hours before the show down. Of course he whipped the master and all credibility was shot, not like there was much prior mind you but even at a young age I couldnt suspend disbelief. there is nothing like nick at night and adult swim to bring back failed 70’s shows for a good laugh.

        I will part with the greatest tv discovery I have found in my entire life. If you have Spike tv which used to be TNN, tune in for “Most Extreme Elimination” late night everynight 10-12 pending on the night. This show has two guys doing “Mystery Science Theater 3000” to a bizarre Japanese game show. This game show has various Japanese people of both genders getting dressed in godzilla costumes or any costume imaginable. Now these costumes are used to make the stunts that they have to perform next to impossible to create great feats of destruction as they fall and risk serious injury just be on tv. It is a receipe of absolute entertainment. They even have a top ten most extreme hits in the last 10 minutes of the show. If you cant stay up do yourself a favor and tape it and have a bunch of friends over for some drinks and have the greatest laugh you will ever receive from tv!!!

        As a side note SciFi channel claims that they are shoting 13 shows for Battle Star galactica, hooray, a good scifi show is back!!

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        by maecuff ·

        In reply to Oh dear

        I would love to see Hitchhikers guide..I read the books and passed them on to my son who loved them also.

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