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    Bay Accelar – basic switch setup


    by dherde ·

    i have an Accelar 1200 chassis with 2 10/100 24 port TX cards and 1 8 port FX 10/100 card. I want to set it up as a switch and not use the routing functions. (I need to distribute 2 hard wired fiber vlans inside my building.) I have set up the management IP address and default gateway, but cannot ping the switch from a PC connected to a switch port on the 1200. The pc and the Accelar are statically configured for the same subnet and mask. Any ideas as to what else I need to configure to make this behave as a switch?
    Do I need to assign IP addresses to the ports?(I wouldn’t think this was necessary) Do I need to enable any routing protocols? (Switches don’t need this.) Software rev level is 1.1.6

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      by tech_rep ·

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      How did you assign the accelar an IP address? Are you using multiple VLANS? Can the PC ping other PCs that are on the other port of the switch?

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