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Bcc Recips ignore rule to move to folder

By fadbel ·
I have set a rule to move a copy of my replies to recipients to their individual folder in my Personal folders. If Recipient is in Bcc Field, the rule is ignored. It works fine in the To and Cc fields.
Is there a way to correct this? I can't find any reference to this in Technet or TechRepublic.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Bcc Recips ignore rule to ...

I don`t think its possible, since the purpose of Bcc is to hide recipients, its impossible for Outlook to read hidden recipients to create a rule for it. You could include the recipients name in the body of the message to allow you to apply a rule to that instead.

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by fadbel In reply to

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So it seems. But including the names in the body of the message also defeats the purpose of the Bcc field which is to hide the addressees.
I think Outlook should be able to act upon the Bcc field BEFORE the message is sent (on the way out the door).
Thanks anyway.

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by dwightp In reply to Bcc Recips ignore rule to ...


PJ is correct. We wanted to do likewise and after contacting a Microsoft Certified Professional, they advised that anything in the BCC field cannot be incorporated in a "rule" created in Outlook. As to why MS does not format for rules created for BCC before it is sent, is another MS mystery.


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by fadbel In reply to

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Thanks for your input. I agree that this seems to be one more place where the MS developers dropped the ball. (They must play for the Lakers!) It doesn't appear as if there will be any solution to this unless MS decides to incorporate it in a full revision of Outlook. I can't wait! At least they haven't hidden the Bcc field from US!

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BCC handling is in 'envelope' - Outlook never sees it

by alan In reply to

The reason Outlook (or any other mailreader) can't filter on BCC headers is that the BCC header is only used by the mailserver; it is not included in the message when Outlook receives mail.
When you send a message with BCC headers, your mailserver puts that information in an 'envelope' and sends the message (and envelope) to the recipient's mailserver. (the 'TO' and 'CC' header info is also in the envelope) That receiving server delivers the mail according to the *envelope* information, not the headers in the actual message. The BCC header is never in the actual message itself. Outlook doesn't see it, so can't filter on it.

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by fadbel In reply to Bcc Recips ignore rule to ...

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