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    BD Blade Runner


    by the_only_maureena ·

    Every time I visit your website I have had several attempted intrusion attacks from: BD Blade Runner 0.80a.
    I am very frustrated as I enjoy ans find your site very useful.
    I can not go to the download page at all for every time I try there is an attempted attack???

    As I am not sure as what can be done, so I am contacting you for some insight or suggested answers?
    Sincerely Frustrated Member, Maureena

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      Reply To: BD Blade Runner

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to BD Blade Runner

      These are most likely [b]False Reports[/b] that are being picked up by your Firewall.

      But having said that you really are asking the wrong people this is a Public Forum that is hosted by TR but not answered by TR Staff but the generally membership.

      If you need to contact TR there is a Blue Hyperlink titled [b]HELP[/b] on each page that you should click on to directly contact TR for assistance. I’ve been using TR for quite some time now without problems with both Windows and various forms of Linux and never seen this problem.


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