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    BDC and NetLogon service


    by daveg ·

    Monday: PDC would not boot, forced to reinstall.
    Promoted BDC(which I will call the server) across the WAN to PDC so we could make the reinstall a BDC so we could promote/demote after reintsall.
    Made reinstall BDC and promoted to PDC.
    Cannot demote the other server.

    nltest /dclist:domain

    The server that was a BDC,promoted to a PDC, and according to the event log (5512) needs to be demoted does not show up.

    DOMMON.exe shows the server that was a BDC, promoted etc. as a PDC( at least the icon is the same for the current PDC and the other server).

    I was thinking that the netlogon service was not running on the server that was promoted due to the fact that two PDC’s were active at one point in time until the DOMMON utility showed the server as active and the communications successful.
    This server does not show up in the network neighborhood but can be gotten to via the UNC.
    I haven’t been able to check the event log of the server (old BDC)

    I have also tried to reset using nltest /server:domain /sc_reset:domain but it does not work.

    Where to???

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      BDC and NetLogon service

      by ·

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      I vaguely remember having a similar situation myself. I believe the way we sorted it was to reboot the (old) PDC a few times and then login on the console and run server manager, highlight the old PDC and now the option to demote should be available. It may take a little while to do the demotion, especially over a WAN as all domain accounts will have to be fully in sync.

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      BDC and NetLogon service

      by apapaiah ·

      In reply to BDC and NetLogon service

      To demote one of the PDCs:
      Stop the NetLogon service on the current PDC by typing Net Stop NetLogon .

      Highlight the machine name of the original PDC and then on the Computer menu, select Demote To Server . This changes the role of the original PDC to BDC.

      Restart the NetLogon server by typing Net Stop NetLogon .

      Also refer the below solution.

      Q167248 How to Demote to BDC When Two PDCs Present

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      BDC and NetLogon service

      by nettek ·

      In reply to BDC and NetLogon service

      Check out Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q167248. Hope that helps.

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      BDC and NetLogon service

      by daveg ·

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