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    BDC not on browse lists


    by matt_falenski ·

    I have a new BDC that does not show up on any browse lists on itself, nor on any other server or workstation. Its the 2nd BDC in the domain. I can access it via its netbios name \\server2 and all shares show up.
    I can ping ip, and netbios name.
    TCP/IP is the only protocol.

    It does show up in server manager, and I am able to see users, shares, in use, etc.
    however it is greyed out (its not “lit up” like the PDC and other BDC) and the type is “Windows NT Backup” not “Windows NT 4.0 Backup” like the other BDC.

    Its a Proliant 3000 with NT 4.0 w/SP6
    on a Marconi ES-1000 10/100 switch at 100/full.Its been online for 3 days.

    I can see its entry in the WINS server, and can do everything domain related on it, just unable to see it on any browse lists. I’ve removed protocols and NIC, and reinstalled with no luck. I’ve made no other changes. HELP!!!

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      BDC not on browse lists

      by tulsa ·

      In reply to BDC not on browse lists

      If the other BDC is recognized, you may want to be sure this one is configured in the same manner. (i.e. protocols, etc.)

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      BDC not on browse lists

      by williamj ·

      In reply to BDC not on browse lists

      You said that TCP/IP is it’s only protocol…
      You need to have NetBEUI bound to the BDC’s NIC or it will not show up in the Network Neighborhood.

      Good Luck…

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      BDC not on browse lists

      by calves ·

      In reply to BDC not on browse lists

      I know it’s a dummy question to ask, but did you syncronize the domain, yet?

      Another thing to try, is to delete any static entries for this server in WINS remove it from Server Manager and reboot the server.
      This particular technique is called “Shooting in the dark”!
      That’s a tough one!

      Good luck!

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      BDC not on browse lists

      by jackorama ·

      In reply to BDC not on browse lists

      make sure NetBios Interface service is installed.

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      BDC not on browse lists

      by aekland ·

      In reply to BDC not on browse lists

      You do not need netbui for browsing.
      The information in server manager is gathered from the browse list when the “show domain members only” and therefore the bdc is greyed out because the browse list does not know about it.
      Browse list are replicated over time and whenever a server is rebooted it may have to replicate again but this one has been up so it is not the issue.
      I would suggest checking the event log of the dc’s to check for any browse issues. Another option if the hardware is close and there is nothing new on this bdc is to clone the existing BDC and change the name. It may be quicker than troubleshooting this problem.

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      BDC not on browse lists

      by guy ·

      In reply to BDC not on browse lists

      I expect it has been prevented from appearing in the browse list. Try this command from the Command Prompt: Net Config server /?
      See if it says Hidden:YES, if it does then issue this command: Net Config server /hidden:NO it will cost a reboot, butshould then appear in the Browse list. There is a way through the registry but I prefer using the command prompt.

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      BDC not on browse lists

      by simon.wellborne ·

      In reply to BDC not on browse lists

      Check this setting in the registry

      Key: System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters
      Name: Hidden
      Data Type: DWORD
      Value: 0 = disable 1=Enable

      This should fix what you require. The BDC will require areboot after the change.

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      BDC not on browse lists

      by drama ·

      In reply to BDC not on browse lists

      If you have WINS installed on both servers – PDC and BDC, you need to enter TCP address of WINS server installed on PDC. I have the same problem, and when I changed the address of WINS server my BDC became visible on browse list

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      BDC not on browse lists

      by ustutz ·

      In reply to BDC not on browse lists

      1. If you have workgroups chuck them. All servers and workstations need to be in the domain only. (On NT, network, identification, “Domain”, not “Workgroup” – on Windows 95/98 set “Workgroup” to the domain name).

      2. Best to make your PDC alsoyour primary WINS server. On WINS servers set “primary” and “secondary” WINS address to the address of the server itself. On all others make sure you have both a primary and a secondary IP address filled in.

      3. On the above, verify that the settings are correct on your ‘problem’ BDC and reboot.

      Don’t sweat the BDC not being “lit up” in server manager if you can fully administer it. But having it on the browselist is a “nice to have” for your users.

      Look in Event Log – System for any ‘Browser’ entries, forcing reelection or inability to refresh the browselist from ‘server x’ on ‘transport y’.

      On all Windows95/98 mchines, in network properties, file and print sharing, disable browsing (Keeps PCs from trying to playbrowse master).

      If you feel

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      BDC not on browse lists

      by cloud999999 ·

      In reply to BDC not on browse lists

      browser is horibble just deal with it. if you know its there whats the difference

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