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    Can you use a Windows 2000 server as a BDC when your PDC is NT 4?

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      Windows 2000 doesn’t use the old PDC/BDC way of doing things. W2K can be either a PDC for the domain in which case Active Directory takes over or as a Member Server. I will definately caution you if you create a W2K PDC while you still have a NT4 PDC — you will have nothing but trouble. Your best bet is to upgrade the NT4 PDC to a 2000 PDC.
      Hope this helps.


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      by timwalsh ·

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      Must follow rules for Active Directory (AD):
      1. Win2K Domain Controllers CANNOT exist in an NT4 domain (although member servers can).
      2. An NT4 PDC CANNOT exist in a Win2K AD domain (although BDCs can).
      3. To migrate an NT4 domain to Win2K and AD, Win2k MUST be installed on the NT4 PDC.

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