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    Bearshare Cancellation


    by myronl.murray ·

    For all of you looking to cancel your Bearshare subscription, please note below:

    I’ve used Bearshare for a number of years and have now concluded no further use. I emailed Bearshare and this is what they are advising:

    “In order to unsubscribe our premium service, please email us a cancellation request at Email: with the correct details:
    – Name on credit card that was used: (first, middle, and last name)
    – The last 4-digits on the credit card you used.
    – The email you registered with in Bearshare 6 (to find it, click “To Account Settings” and you will see it under the “General Info” tab.

    I also concur with another posting noted, call you credit card company and tell them you’ve unsubscribed and to no longer issue payment. And lastly, request a confirmation number/email for furure reference when they bill you again.

    Regards -MM

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      I’ll bite.

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Bearshare Cancellation

      Was this in regards to some other topic? What’s ‘Bearshare’?

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        Oh really!

        by computercookie ·

        In reply to I’ll bite.

        Don’t be silly Palmetto.

        Everyone knows that “Bearshite” is where you go to download viruses, spyware, child porn, poor quality pirated video, music and illegal software.

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          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to Oh really!

          Apparently ‘everyone’ doesn’t know it. I at least didn’t until now. If that really is the case, why would anybody pay for it? All of that is available for free if you look. I sure wouldn’t give a credit card number to a site like that. The next thing you know you’ll be dressed up like a pirate in this restaurant selling fish to tourists in T-shirts.

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          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Seriously?

          It’s like LimeWire, or the ever popular Kazaa.

          These P2P systems were pretty popular before torrent files became the download standard (now .nzb files from newsgroups have taken over).

          These days most people use news groups for downloads, though som eactually feel that PAYING for a service like Bearshare or Kazaa makes it legsl, which it doesn’t, in the USA anyway.

          Canadians seem to like BitTorrent, there are some pretty solid and reliable sites for getting the right torrent files (no viruses, better quality, samples provided and copy reviews of movies etc.).

          It is still legal in Canada to share files this way, even though the US has been poking and prodding at our constitutional rights for years now to try and get us to give up out rights and join the American antipiracy scam.

          Palmetto, seeing as the other thread was deleted. Were you really interested in supporting the Crohn’s & Colitis golf tournament or was it just some anti-golfing humour.

          I could always use a sponsor, I’d even eat dinner on your behalf. 😉

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          Sadly, just humor.

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to Bearshare

          I make a payroll contribution to the United Way. It lets me keep a clear conscience when I tell telephone solicitors, “I gave at the office.”

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          Well done

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Sadly, just humor.

          It’s not a big deal at all, I though you might honestly be lookign to support CCFC as someone you know may suffer from it (IFBD).

          It’s shockign just how widespread and debilitating it really is, I have an immediate family member who suffered from it years ago, much better nowadays, and I didn’t understand it until I started working with CCFC to help others and I realized just how common and yet still uncurable it is, they don’t even know what the causes are!

          I didn’t intend to put you on the spot by any means, but I simply can’t ignore any expressed interest.

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          There should be some limits in Canukville

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Bearshare

          Or at least a warning.

          “Warning! PizzaPizza, while it looks like Little Ceasers, is nasty crap”.

          “Warning! If you go to a Hooters and the sign is yellow instead of orange, it is a knockoff and again, nasty crap”.

          Funny, your description of an open p2p network is a little different than cookies…..

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          Silly boy…

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to There should be some limits in Canukville

          If you had the smarts to pick up a phone book, you could find Little Ceasars and the “Real” Hooters.

          Pizzapizza is not even on my list of places I’d call. There is so much better. The only advantage they have is everyone know the phone number from that freakin jingle (967-11-11, phone PizzaPizza hey hey hey).

          The Hooters you went to existed before the franchise, and as far as I know is one place (never been to either the original or the franchises so can’t comment). So its not a knockoff, if it had been the franchised company would sue. Maybe the little guy should sue.


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          I avoid chain pizza restaurants

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to Silly boy…

          Sure, if somebody else is buying I’ll gladly eat at Jabba the Hut. Otherwise I’m going to a local Mom and Pop if I can.

          And I don’t care what my parents say, CiCi’s isn’t very good.

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          “Warning! PizzaPizza, while it looks like Little Ceasers, is nasty crap”.

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to There should be some limits in Canukville

          So I hear, don’t have Pizza Pizza out west. And i think Little Caesars is oure barf too, as far as pizza is concerned. a Hot N Ready can be eaten at 4AM on the way home from the bar though, if downed with a fistful of half cooked dough sticks.

          I always laugh at Hot N Ready, they never have the one I want so I ask for “cold or never ready”.

          I don’t go to Hooters, they have one in Surrey close by but the broads aren’t even as good as teh ones at the racetrack or Earls, or a city bus for that matter. We DO have quite a lot of hot women in BC, its kinda like our trademark, babeville.

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          Was on the road

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to “Warning! PizzaPizza, while it looks like Little Ceasers, is nasty crap”.

          after a long day of classes, just wanted to grab a bite and get back to my room. Thought I was going to get sick from that crap…. 🙁

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          You had to say it

          by gsg ·

          In reply to Seriously?

          Now I have that stupid song from the commercials running through my brain.

          You’re just evil….

        • #2808236

          Don’t blame me; blame newbie sillyhead for digging up this zombie.

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to You had to say it

          This sucker was two months in the grave before he resurrected it. I suspect he’s a spammer; the content looks kind of suspicious for a new member.

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      Hello everyone..Cancelling bearshare

      by sillyhead ·

      In reply to Bearshare Cancellation

      Well guys.. bearshare is music labs LLC and you can cancel your account.. By Just Calling 1-212-729-5702

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