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Beating with own stick

By Stephen Wheeler ·
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Personal is not Corporate

by Stephen Wheeler In reply to Beating with own stick

Hi BdeJong,

You state that on a personal level; "The only one who's really on your side is YOU."

Yes, some of the comments appeared to be from people who were suffering personal wounds from outsourcing. Whether that was because they had experienced bad service, or because they had suffered a personal upset - like redundancy - was hard to tell.

I thought it important to spend two minutes explaining to anyone in the latter category that carrying around personal animosity as a result of unplanned career changes is futile.

TUPE, or redundancy, or re-applying for a job you've had for years can be very unsettling on a personal level. But never blame the Organisation. Organisations simply don't have the machinery to care.

As far as those in the former, bad outsourcing contract experience, goes. you said it yourself:

Why would this be different amongst companies?

Although I believe it to be important that organisations treat their outsourcers as partners all partners are, at some level, suppliers - and it is important not to lose sight of that fact.

Just as any supplier can let you down, so too can an outsourcer. Does that mean that your suppliers are automatically against you. Of course not - they have a vested interest in your thriving.

But, and you may have noticed that Tony Hopkinson spotted this too, with outsourcing we are talking about a step-change in management due diligence.

Speaking of Tony, did you see his comment headed You might want to visit a current thread The CIO? There's a reminder that even your colleagues in your own company are not always on your side
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Teacher says, every time a discussion goes offline,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Personal is not Corporate

an angel gets gonorrhea.

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