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BeBook Neo

By lynxboomus ·
This article is a cabbage. It mixes eBook readers with tablet notebooks (iPad) and cell phones and claim it compare the eBook readers. An eBook reader, I understand, is a dedicated device suited for reading books. I would never use a backlit screen like iPad to read books due to the proven strain to your eyes (I could use a netbook otherwise at the half price). Smartphones are even worst not only due to the back lit screen but also due to the size of their screen. Now about the real eBook readers: I would never buy a Kindle first due to their proprietary .AMZ format and the general feeling that you have to marry Amazon for the rest of your life if you chose their device. Not to mention the unserviceable battery (first thing that inevitably fails in any electronics) and the absence of external memory option. Nook uses the open ePub format has browsing capability, uses removable battery and accept microSD cards (is OK but still I would prefer a normal SD since is big enough not to lose it and is ready readable by my computer card reader without an sd adapter) . I would also prefer a mini USB connection like most of my other devices and not have to carry yet another cable for charging and data transfer. Both Kindle and?Nook lack a?very useful function: the ability to organize books and other econtent in hierarchical folders for easy management. My best pick is BeBook Neo from Endless Ideas (or its brand variants).
It has touch screen interface with the ability to make annotations, hierarchical folder organization, WIFI access with basic web browsing, can read epub and many other formats natively (EPUB*, PDF*, TXT, HTML, RTF, MOBI, CHM, PDB, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF) none of the other readers match, ?SD card slot and mini USB connectivity. I still consider is a little overpriced at about ~$250 but I am expecting this to drop.

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I'll take you at your word

by santeewelding In reply to BeBook Neo

"This article is a cabbage."

Since yours is the only one in sight, it has to mean everything that follows that first sentence.

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I've never see so many lost Replies to one article

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I'll take you at your wor ...

This is at least the third attempt to reply to Jason's 'E-book' post. Maybe there's something about the devices that renders users incapable of using a forum?

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