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    Become a freelancer?


    by zanefinnergm ·



    I am a web developer who has been developing for nearly two years now. I know multiple back-end languages, front-end(HTML, JS, CSS) and have been creating many projects with the LAMP stack.

    I would like to become a freelancer, but do not know how I would find clients, or even if I could.

    Should I even risk my time to do this?

    Also, I am 17(incase that is a factor)

    Thanks in advance to all responses.

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      That all depends on you and what you want

      by oh smeg ·

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      Also where you live and how likely you are to get customers/Clients near your dwelling.

      Sure you can develop World Wide over the Net but in reality you have to get Local Customers first so that you can develop a following and then maybe get some Nation Wide or International Customers which are far harder to get when you can not face them directly and there is lots of competition for what you are doing.

      While a good Web Site will always help the reality is that most Web Developers have Great Web Sites as that is what the potential Client first sees and they will judge you on that which could kill any approach that they may make before the page finishes loading. If they do not like the look they will go elsewhere.

      People have different tastes and will go with what they like and never give a second thought to Web Sites that do not appeal to them personally. The reality is that no two people ever agree on what they like and then throw in different cultures and the likes and dislikes become massive and as it is the first thing that anyone not in your area will see of you it’s likely to be a very slow process to get started and you need income to last till you get those clients.

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      you need to spend time

      by givemeall ·

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      You need to spend a lot of time in the beginning to setup your profile on freelancing sites like Upwork and others, and spend half an hour a day to bid on different projects. Because you are new, it will be harder to get a project but you can start by bidding only on small (and cheap) projects.

      After you complete a few projects, you will see that it will become easier to get new projects. It’s a fact that people are afraid to give their money to people with zero history BUT it happens.

      You’re just 17, so you have a lot of free time. Now is the time when you can “spend” time for free.

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      by mark dyson ·

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      many people do freelance jobs for extra income and added experience. You can take up freelance projects to do in your spare time. I would not suggest compromising on your office hours initially. You can manage your time accordingly.

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