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Becoming a FoIP provider

By jonathanwong ·
Our company is actually looking into starting a FoIP service, but don't really know where to begin. Anyone have any info on this?

How do the existing fax service providers get telephone numbers from all over the world? Is there some type of "ICANN" for telephone numbers that we can get telephone numbers by bulk from?


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by podum In reply to Becoming a FoIP provider

What exactly is FOIP? I know VOIP but not FOIP.

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by jonathanwong In reply to FOIP

It's like VOIP but for fax. So like fax to email and vice versa. Any ideas?

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you already have alot of competition

by Dr Dij In reply to FOIP

including some who provide service for free.
and others who you pay per page.

And you have to compete with every internet fax company in the world since it doesn't cost consumer any more to connect with any of them.

If you really want to do this I'd suggest subscribing to existint one and seein what you like about them.

We used one when my gal friend had to fax resumes. You simply upload word doc and type in phone# and it faxes.

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We provide a wholesale FOIP service

by rcandrus In reply to Becoming a FoIP provider

If you are still interested - it is possible to resell a FOIP service. If you send me an email address, I can fill you in.

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Interested in wholesale FOIP service

by sring In reply to We provide a wholesale FO ...

We are interested in a wholesale FOIP service. Would like to discuss. shawnring@gmail.com

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by shasca In reply to Interested in wholesale F ...

You just put your email address on a public forum.

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Not smart, dude.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Interested in wholesale F ...

Is this your first day on the Internet? Exposing your e-mail address in the clear is a great way to attract the spammers' attention.

Edit your message, remove your address, then edit your profile and enable private messages. Then other can contact you without knowing your address first.

Geez, isn't any real-world experience required to get a managerial position?

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