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Becoming a web developer

By vincelanzilotti ·
Hello all, I'm currently a teacher of almost 10 years. I've been considering switching careers for a couple years now. Web development is an option that I've been strongly considering. I'm on this forum to learn more about the day to day routines of a web developer. From what I've heard it is a rewarding career. I've always been good with computers, very detailed oriented, and a quick learner. Thanks.
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Web developer are great people

by stevemor97 In reply to Becoming a web developer

Becoming a web developer is tough job that you have learn many technologies like HTML,CSS,JS and more.Web developers design high quality websites user interface and GUI to help people surf easily.

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I have a blog post for you

by nshep In reply to Becoming a web developer

Here's a rundown of what it takes to acquire the basic skills to start earning money as a web developer: https://websitesetup.org/become-web-developer/

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Becoming a web developer

by Pelvery In reply to Becoming a web developer

Actually, if you really possess the traits of character that you described, then something can really work out for you in s/w development. However, you should understand, that you'll need to devote a great deal of time and effort to this, about 4 hours a day in the least.
There are a lot of different courses (online and on-site) so you can choose whatever you find more comfortable. I'd personally go for an online course.
You should also carefully pick the technology. Classic and popular are Java, PHP, .NET, Python, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, etc. And it can be really hard at first and you might wanna quit at the very beginning of your long journey, but don't give up.

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