Becoming as Systems Administator

By darkmatter14B ·
I'm looking to change careers. I would like to become a linux/unix systems administrator. I've been using linux at home for 10+ years and spend alot of my spare time tinkering with it and feel that I would love doing it for a living.

I don't have any on the job experience (I'm currently a statistical analyst for an insurance company). I have a master's degree in mathematics which probably isn't worth much as far as becoming a systems admin is concerned.

So, I'm looking for advice on how to accomplish this....schooling, certifications......any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Some routes

by arran.price In reply to Becoming as Systems Admin ...

Redhat is kind of the default linux to know and a certification exists. Whilst for those already in the industry that certification may not be as beneficial it could be the answer you are looking for to get in the door.

Of consideration is what level you wish to go in as, and the pay you would likely receive as a result. If you are taking a drop, and dont wish to, you might consider getting the higher level qualifications before making your move.

The other thing is (if you have the choice) to get into an organisation that you will have the opportunity to grow in your role from eg a junior to senior admin and beyond.

The other approach is maybe just to go our their and see if your enthusiasm can get you into an entry level position and then work hard/smart from there.

Hope thats of some help.

I have 8+ years sys admin experience, had an IT qualification and started as a unix admin directly after my tertiary education. I have also been involved with hiring sys admins at various levels.

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