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    Becoming Cyber security


    by shuk2hel ·


    I am trying to find a program for Cyber Security. However, I have no earthly idea as to what im doing, what i should be looking for and what i should expect durring training. If any one who is currently a cyber security proffesional i would greatly apprciate any feed back that you might have to offer. I appreciate the well refined ads that tell me what cyber secuirty and how mush money could be made. I actually want to hear from someone and what thier actual experince is.
    Thank you in advance.

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      Part of IT, programming and more

      by rproffitt ·

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      Is learning how to find things. Finding a program for Cyber Security would be a google or a trip to your local college to see what they offer.

      Then again I’m running into folk that want to enter this field WITHOUT taking any computer programming or such coursework. Without such background how would you know how to mitigate the threats or avoid the attack?

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      Need more info

      by old molases ·

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      I think you need to provide a little more detail and context to your question as to what you are actually looking for? Are you looking for a VPN? Are you looking for a Anti-malware software?

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