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Been there and done that, No one ever asked!

By bmazak ·
Well I've been away for about 10 years. I have not been able to get back since I filed a Comp claim after listening to a lawyer instead of my self. I would trade anything to get back in IT. I was a programmer for 25 years on IBM Mainframes and worked my way into PC networking in the late 90's. Now, I wish I could just find that mid sized or any size company that will Let me just go around and fix problems with software and hardware all day. God I loved it so. They hired 2 employees to take my place. Young right out of PC School. Spent the same amount of money but got 4 hands for the price of two. Now they can really be in two places at the same time. HA! I'm cheaper now so if you guys hear of any stuff like that I'm current on the latest hard ware and software. I got at least another 10 years before I start to wrinkle. I'm really pleasant, funny and do what I'm told. I'm dependable and I'll do what ever it takes to get the project done right the first time. I can't believe they used to pay me $125 and hour for that. Now I would do it for $15 if I could get long term. Any term would be great. You younger guys should listen up and don't make the same mistakes I made. Fast Cars and loose women didn't get me anywhere. Family is what I should have built, community involvement and church is the way to go. I agree with the guy who said the CEO's would come in and leave a hollow IT. 6 months later they would be hiring everyone back because they just needed to get the numbers for the stock prices to go up. Remember Enron. Any way, those managers in the 90's never asked us what we needed and how we thought it might work. It wasn't until President Clinton start the home town meetings that I saw a ray of hope. You see, programmers and IT people are professionals at solving problems. We have a different way of looking at things and can see things from a different view. They never asked us what we thought. I guess they where afraid we might actually solve their problem, and they would loose their job. I don't know, this country is filled with really smart people. I mean really really smart people. You may not realize this but it is our greatest asset. It is what makes us so powerful. We just have to use it correctly. We have been blessed. Why is it we have so many problems? I think we should keep watching Google cause they are doing things different and I like there approach. Smart people are not just the young ones though. We need more coordinated think tanks. Especially in the area of medicine. Did you know that curring one disease could help bring this economy back? One new invention that the world needed, a new way to change sea water into drinking water. A new nitrogen engine and way to make it and store it. Yes we can!!! Look what happen when the Japanese got away from the family traditions that made them the most productive and high quality company in the world, maybe they still are?. Think about it! Jim Cary had a idea a while ago and everyone laughed. Email me and I'll send you a copy. WWW.allthingsfromhim.com
You know, after I read the first 7 comment, I was going to edit this and change some stuff like my web site. But you know, It just may be OK. I'm no expert on the Japanese I figured no one would care. Next week I'm going to edit it again. This time I'm going to remove the whole thing. It'll just be a memory like I am anyway. Just fading away.

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I hit the button

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Been there and done that, ...

This post reminded me of a story I loved as a kid: Green Eggs and SPAM!!

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At first I thought you were nuts.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I hit the button

But then I realized the guy had edited his post substantially after I first read it.

Originally it was only about half this long, ending somewhere around the $15 remark, and contained no references to external sites. Upon further review, I agree with you.

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Try volunteer organisations, they can always use free help.

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Been there and done that, ...
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Here's an idea!

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Been there and done that, ...

Maybe someone can invent a way to correct spelling and grammar mistakes for otherwise smart people who never bothered to learn.

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by santeewelding In reply to Here's an idea!

A smart person who has dispensed with convention, only, to (hopefully) learn that convention does have its uses. The way (he) did it is not the way to do it.

Needs to go back to basics.

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by seanferd In reply to Probably

Sounds like a bot.

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