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Beep and computer doesn't work or start

By incowtown ·
I just had a problem with my recently bought used computer - Athlon, onboard video, MicronPC.

I was using the new DSL connection and the screen went blank and the computer started beeping. I turned the monitor off and on and got the Please Check Signal Cable message (note: blank occurs on normal shutdown). I shut down and restarted and still nothing on the monitor, the beeping the same as before. About 2 seconds off, then beep, and repeat.

What can I do?

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by dmiles In reply to Beep and computer doesn't ...

130 degrees celcius, or farenheit? check in the bios for the serttings on the overheat alarm, or the fan speed alarm..and check the temps. If you have an alarm, you shouldn't be doing anything else till that is repaired.


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by Oz_Media In reply to Beep and computer doesn't ...

Remove the DSL network card and try rebooting. If you get life, your card is hooped.

If not, remove your graphics card, if you have a on-board connection you can use instead.

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by Oz_Media In reply to

Ooops, onboard video, doh! Borrow a graphics card form someone, even abasic card and test it. But I would expect that the Network Card is gone.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Beep and computer doesn't ...

can you go to place you bought it and show them. or ask for used video card to try.
one beep is good. one long distress beep might mean, 'got no video, can't show you what is wrong' depending on your BIOS version. might mean something else. like no brains (processor or cmos went bad or got too hot due to fan quit or came unseated after travels, same idea with ram and other cards in pc). put finger in box, wiggle stuff. feel for heat. smell for burned. find all the fans? all spinning? if one card wiggles (remember to check ram) reseat that one (with power off and static care taken) or move to another slot (except don't move ram into another slot all ram doesnt work in all slots). if no wiggly ones, reseat *all* the cards, especially the video and the ram. follow the monitor cable back to the computer. that is your video card.
google 'ami beep code' to see what beep codes mean. since you can't get far enuf yet into the boot to see your bios, just try the stuff suggested by your beep

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Pl Check Ram And Your Display Cable

by Sonu_kush2000 In reply to Beep and computer doesn't ...

Same Hard ware is Not CompairYour pC cONFIGRATION

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