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Beep codes

By lblewett ·
I am using a GA-7N400 PRO2 When the computer boots up i get a musical beep, long beeps of different pitch after about ten secs of this my computer turns its self off, im guessing this is critical but does any one know what these beep codes are and how i can fix it?

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by TheChas In reply to Beep codes

Beep codes are part of the BIOS on the motherboard.

Check with the motherboard or BIOS manufacture for a definition of the beep codes for your board.

I suspect that the beeps you are getting are "PC Health" warnings.
Any of the following can cause a PC Health error:

Slow CPU fan speed.
Wrong CPU core Voltage
Wrong CPU speed
Slow system fan speed.
Power supply problems.
Damaged thermal sensor under CPU.


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by tilsonkephas In reply to Beep codes

Depending on the type of mother board on your computer, I would suggest you go to this website and find the exact beep codes. Some are long and short, normally happens during POST (Power on Self Test) in the BIOS. Both AMI, AWARD, PHOENIX offer good advices on beep codes. Check this website: http://www.computerhope.com/beep.htm

Good luck
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by uziel In reply to Beep codes

first identify your motherboards bios, if you still have the manual or the box that comes with it, it usually states there.

if you have an AMI Bios go to


if you have a Phoenix Bios (which i believe you have) go to


after identifying the codes you can now work on the problem

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by joortman In reply to Beep codes

Long series of beep codes usually indicate a video error. If you have onboard video, this would not be the case. AGP or PCI video cards will generate beep codes. If you have one of these, take the card out and re-seat. If that does nothing, look at the card closely for any damaged circuits on the board. Try a different one and see if the machine will boot.

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