Beep sound from CPU and no display on monitor

By sarfaraz123_7 ·
I have an assembled PC, it was working fine since 18 months. Now, I tried to upgrade its RAM and as it was mentioned on the mother board DDR1, DDR2, so I got a DDR2 RAM of 1GB and inserted in the free slot. The 256MB RAM already existed in the DDR1 slot. The DDR2 did not fit properly in the second slot (one end was fixed and the other was loose), but I went on to power the CPU, there were fumes coming out and I switched the power off within 2-3seconds. Later I checked with the DDR1 RAM, it fits in the second slot as well, even though it's mentioned DDR2 on the motherboard. But now when I tried to power the CPU, it gives beep (Alarm) sound continuously and there is no display on the monitor. the Processor fan is running smoothly, I checked the battery, even that's working fine. Please help...
My system configuration
Celeron Processor 2.53Ghz,
RAM 256MB, HDD 40GB,

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Bad news: you smoked that RAM chip, and maybe the MOBO

by robo_dev In reply to Beep sound from CPU and n ...

Continuous beep generally means bad RAM.

But if a component near the memory socket smoked, then the mobo might also be toast.

Article: How to kill a PC

Clear the cmos and unplug everything from the mobo, including ram. Make sure PS connector is plugged into MOBO correctly.

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Maybe the motherboard has been fried

by sarfaraz123_7 In reply to Bad news: you smoked tha ...

Thank you for the useful link,
I have checked it with a different RAM but still there is a continuous beep sound. It looks like the RAM is good. However, after visiting the above link, I feel like my case is similar to the smell of burnt hair case as mentioned in the link. But there are no singe marks on the slot. Maybe my mother board got fried.

I'll try to unplug everything and plug them again. Please suggest some goood links to know more about cmos.

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