Beeping computer after bios

By Tommy75 ·
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Hi, A week ago my computer started beeping at startup. The beeping stopped when the windows login screen appeared, but then the computer was filling in the password field with letters and entered by himself. After a while I got a chance to fill in my password, but a few keys weren't working... So I disconnected the laptop keyboard and used an external usb keyboard. Everything worked well with the external keyboard and the beeping stopped. So I ordered a new keyboard for my laptop, thinking the old one wasn't working anymore. Today the new keyboard arrived, I plugged it in, and the story started all over again... I can't see or select an optimize option in my bios, but the keyboard works fine in the bios. Before it didn't... After that the beeping starts. I use a packard bell Easynote tk 85 laptop. The beeps are petty long and have the same tone. I have no viruses or adware... Any suggestions

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Telling us the beep order would be helpful

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Beeping computer after bi ...

As it's not the tone but the number and breaks between them that is telling you what is wrong.

Like 3 long followed buy a short may indicate the you have a RAM problem. Or three beeps a break that is followed by another three beeps which then repeats itself over and over is a indication that there is a RAM issue in most BIOS Error codes.

You can find what the exact meaning of the beeps here but they are dependant on who made the BIOS so you'll need to look at the screen and see who made the BIOS.

Also have you checked that the Number Lock key has not been pushed on the external keyboard as that will cause keys not to work.


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Beep orer

by Tommy75 In reply to Telling us the beep order ...

Hi col, thanks for the reply

I can't type one letter on my new keyboar, yes the last one of the wor keyboar...

There is no pattern in the beeping; it beeps about 100 times a a regular base, no stops in between. After that, when winows loas, the beeping stops.

The manufacturer is Insy?e H20
System bios version V1.22
Can't fin that in Bios Central.
At startup, at the login screen, there are Always a few letters alreay fille into the textfiel before I start typing.

Strange things an on't know where to start...


I have no external keyboar attache to my laptop at this moment, so no numlock problem...

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Well in that case

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Telling us the beep order ...

It sounds like a alarm is going off. Check things like fan alarms or CPU Temperature as the possible culprits.

Turn off all of the alarms and then when there is no more beeping go back and turn on 1 at a time till the beeping starts again. The last thing you turned on is what is causing the noise and depending what that actually is the way to proceed varies. It could be something as simple as the CPU Temp set too low and all you need do is set it higher, but it could just as easily be the BIOS telling you that SMART on the HDD has been tripped and the HDD needs replacing.

The Num Lock however stays on when you remove the USB Keyboard so just because you do not have one plugged in doesn't mean that it's not turned on just that you have to plug in an external keyboard to check.


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Keyboard/interface/connector fault

by mjd420nova In reply to Beeping computer after bi ...

The external keyboard works so the interface and logic work okay but the proper connection might be faulty. Dirt in the little ribbon cable connector on the board or not getting fully seated. A fault there could also show as the beeping indicates a stuck key on the keyboard. That's why the fields filled up before you could enter any. May be stuck with the USB.

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