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Before you Vote Learn the TRUTH!

By the_webninja ·
Before you Vote, please take some time to understand exactly what the
Republicans have done to so many people?s lives since they have been in power.
Thousands of people are Dead now, Thousands more are Crippled, Our Ecconomy is in Ruins
Because of the Republicans Pyramid Banking Scams, using the Central Banks to enslave the world. More people are Homeless than ever before. More people are Starving around the World.
If you are worried about who is going to Raise Taxes, you SHOULD be worried about who created the Republican Banking Scams that created the economic Crash, and Who added Trillions of Dollars in Debt that YOU have to pay off with your Taxes. It seems kind of odd how Republicans think it is just fine to destroy the economy and enslave the world for their own benefit, and they think it is great to just add a few hundred billion dollars to the Debt to bail out these Scam artist Bankers, yet if you talk about money for the Homeless they go Apeshitt.
Every thing the Republicans DO PROVES just how Evil they are. All you have to do is PAY ATTENTION!

Videos that PROVE how Evil the Republicans are:
They Staged the Attacks of **1 so they could go to War with Iraq for the Oil.

They Crushed up all the Electric Cars to Force everyone to pay Triple the Gas Prices

They Plan to Kill and Enslave American Citizens!

They used Fear Tactics to Terrorize American Citizens

They gave all of our Jobs to people in Other Countries

They Stole the Election in 2000 and they Planned to do it again in 2008

A Short Overview of the Evils of the Republicans

The Ultimate Solution to the Problems Created by the Republicans**2

If you take the time to watch all those Videos you should be educated enough to make an INFORMED CHOICE! And THAT is what is Important.

For more info check out this page:

Thank You

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I'm so wearing my tin foil hat to bed!

by jmgarvin In reply to Before you Vote Learn the ...

It was holographic planes in the study with a microwave mind control beam.

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I think his vacuum tube

by jimmy-jam In reply to I'm so wearing my tin foi ...

has a few filaments burnt out.

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by Oz_Media In reply to I'm so wearing my tin foi ...
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LOL The Web Minger is baaaaack!

by Oz_Media In reply to I'm so wearing my tin foi ...

OMG, Just when you thought it was safe to visit your friendly neighbourhood forum!

What's stupid is that these idiots take a little bit of truth and fact then **** it into unrealistic, exaggerated stories.

While the story actually has SOME validity and should be understood or investigated, they make it so absurd that it is easy to discount and takes any credibility away from their comments.

Freakshow spoils reality show.

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Gee, thanks

by jk2001 In reply to Before you Vote Learn the ...

Thanks for making the pro-Obama position look as nutty as the anti-Obama propaganda and McCain's fear mongering.

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Chalk it up to equal time! <nt>

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Gee, thanks
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Before you bother with webninja's links,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Before you Vote Learn the ...

consider this is the person who tried to convince us California wildfires are a real estate conspiracy:

For more fascinating rants:

Also, please take into consideration the webninja never participates in the discussion he starts, never responds when questioned, and never defends challenges to his position.

He's a troll, pure and simple.

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More simple than pure

by jdclyde In reply to Before you bother with we ...

And as a useless fukwitt, s/h/it will even take the same useless drivel and post it copy/paste on several different sites.

And as you said, participating in none.

Someone tricked the guards into thinking s/h/it took their meds this morning......

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Better pull your brain out of the microwave and let it cool off

by DelbertPGH In reply to Before you Vote Learn the ...

Jeez, you're over the edge. I usually only see this level of believe-anything hysteria in my Republican correspondents.

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Ha! Won 50 cents.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Before you Vote Learn the ...

What's an election without the_webninja?

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