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By filipofrank ·
Am new to programming and i want to ask the Gurus in there if they can help.Which of the languages can i start with and the books to go with them.

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by carlos.nino In reply to Beginner

And what would you like to program?

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by Umer In reply to Beginner


The most modern language is Java and Visual C++

But,I would advice to start learning C language, which is basic for both Java and Visual C++.

After you finish with C, you can choose C++ or Java.

Very good book:
C for Dummies
C++ by Dietel and Dietel

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by MadestroITSolutions In reply to Beginner

Well, first of all, there is a basic skill you need in order to be able to program, "LOGIC". If you do not possess this, DO NOT EVEN TRY to learn, it will be a waste of time and money. Programming is about LOGIC, not about languages....
If you get your logic straight, choosing a language is like learning to speak another language, once you get the vocabulary, you will be fine (cause the logic is in your head).
Now, with that said, when it comes to choosing a programming language, it really depends on what you want. If you want to be able to make visual applications within a year or so, then you need a RAD (Rapid Application Development) programming language like Visual Basic. If you are willing to spend a lot of time and effort learning, then go for C++. C++ is a lower level language (AND FAR MORE DIFFICULT), which means it is much more complex than languages like Visual Basic, reason being that Visual Basic adds an additional layer that takes care of some programming tasks that you would otherwise have to CODE on your own on C++. This results in faster development, but you are somewhat limited in certain aspects. However, when I say "limited" I am talking about serious programming, which you get into after a LONG LONG time... he he
So, for the purpose of learning to program, and being able to actually make something that works and looks nice, go for Visual Basic. If you want to make the next generation program that will sell 500 million copies (some day, if that EVER happens) then go for C++.

Good Luck!

My 2 cents.

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by im_a_beginner In reply to Beginner

like what they say you must have a logic... then programming..

if you want VB you start with learning VB... Be sure your level must be a beginner... for a business application VB is good... for website design i preferred JAVA... gud luck..

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by D_Gilmour_1978 In reply to Beginner

Personally I would go for either VB.Net or C#.Net

Visual Basic 6 is quite different to Visual Basic.net There is a learning curve going from one to the other. (.net is the latest). VB.Net is far more object oriented than vb 6 and also far more like C# / C++ / Java / C.
C# is based on C++ and follows a similar philosophy as Java which is also based on C++.
Sometimes C# code and VB.net code will be almost Identical and other times C# will appear to be a little more crypic



If 1=1 then
'do something'
end if

if (1==1)
'do something';

I suggest you take the time to learn and understand the basic principles of programming and the object oriented approach as this is the most common in the real world. The other thing to note is most of the reasons for using a particular language have been removed with .Net as it all gets converted to a different common language behind the scenes (CRL). There are however a few cases where one will provide benefits over the other.

Learning your first language is like learning to talk
learning your second language is like learning french when you already speak english.

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by john In reply to Beginner

you should start with c++ programming.
you should read "A Beginner of C++ Programming".
it will help you so much.

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by Chimp In reply to Beginner

I would start simply... try using HTML and JavaScript to create web pages with some simple dynamic content. Then move onto learning and manipulating the DOM (Document Object Model) of a web page using your JavaScript skills. This might not be full-strength Object-Oriented programming (OOP) but it should get you into the right kind of thinking before you move on.

When you want to learn a full-featured OOP go for Java or .NET (VB.Net or C#). As others have said it is not really the language that matters, but the concepts and a logical approach.

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by whitehorse2002 In reply to Beginner

Yes, learn LOGIC first. Anway, learn Visual Basic because it's easy to use. You can download Visual Basic books by searching them on google.

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by rtc In reply to Beginner


Try to begin with Pascal, then you can easy upgrade to Delphi, then - to C++ Builder.

But, in first, Pascal.

About books I can't help, because I'm from Kazakhstan, and all books which I can reccomended - only on russian.

But if you want, we can learn programming together by the distant form, via e-mail. Do you?

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