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Beginners: How Many Tasks in Class

By LeisureMan ·
We teach classes of beginners. They learn about Microsoft Office (mostly Word 2000) an Internet Explorer.
Most of us stick to the ratio: one task done with a trainer (fully explained, of course), one done by students on their own and then analyzed by the group (the trainer leads the discussion).
But my feeling is that one or two assignments should be given to do by the students on their own, with the trainer to take part only if invited by those who need it.
Do you think that tasks for the students to do entirely on their own in class are really worth doing?
Thank everyone in advance. I always rate answers.

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by LeisureMan In reply to Beginners: How Many Tasks ...

I invite everyone who would care to state whether I have formulated the question clearly enough to do so.
Thank you.

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by Jaqui In reply to Beginners: How Many Tasks ...

well, the question seems clear enough to me. :)

the answer is variable htough.
some students will excell at doing basically self directed studies, others need a more intruction intensive approach.

translated, some people will do great with the do the problems on thier own, others will do better with the ratio reversed.

I would go with the 1 instructor led and 2 or more self directed assignments, tracking which students need the help from the instructor most, then break the class into 2 sections, where you can leave those that do well in self directed to do thier thing, and work more closely with those that need it.
that would be giving each student what they need to get the most benefit from the course.
since you would be spending time most where it's needed, yet all students will be getting time ( new areas / concepts being introduced ) it avoids creating any stigmata over time spent with any one group.

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by LeisureMan In reply to

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by LeisureMan In reply to Beginners: How Many Tasks ...

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