Begins Loading XP and then screen goes black

By IMPeriel ·
My first post and I apologize if anyone before me has asked this question or brought up this topic. But, here I go anyways. My computer last night was working as far as I knew, I had no problems with it. When I woke up this morning, after shutting down the pc last night and sleeping, I turned the computer back on and it posted fine, no problems there, and it appeared to start loading Windows XP Professional Edition. When it showed the loading bar, it would proceed to load for 5 seconds or so and then the screen would go black. The monitor is just about brand new, I think 2 weeks old or so and its been working fine.

I was told by jdclyde to create a profile here because everyone was helpful and usually "trip" over each other to answer questions. I do not claim to be a IT professional, but an IT novice. If anyone would be able to assist me I would more than appreciate it.

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by IMPeriel In reply to Begins Loading XP and the ...

I am able to start the computer up in safemode and it works that way, but other than safemode, it does the same thing.

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video issue

by jdclyde In reply to Safemode

did you try a different video card, junior?

Maybe while in safemode, reinstall the driver? They do get pooched.

Have you tried booting to last known good conf?

This is NOT a new install, correct?

If the video works in safe mode, you know your monitor is fine. Try the driver re-install and let us know if that made a difference.

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No changes

by IMPeriel In reply to video issue

No changes have been made to my system other than downloading LotR:SoA. Oh, and the microsoft one-touch. I tried to not only reinstall the driver from cd but it ran into an error that gave me the message "End Program- you should not see me". I went online to nvidia's site and grabbed their updated driver and installed that version and it is now up and running again. Why would a driver pooch itself? It's not clicking in my head.... I did not try the different video card because i don't have a video card that has a dvi connector other than the 7950 GT. Last known good conf. also didn't do anything, tried that about 10 minutes before you post here.

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"Why would a driver pooch its self"?

by jdclyde In reply to No changes

It doesn't. Windows does it FOR it.

That is the price you pay for "ease of use" and "Plug and pray". The more automated something is, the easier for it to break.

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maybe try a defrag while you are waiting...

by sgt_shultz In reply to Safemode

because your symptoms match problems with boot files but since you can start in safe mode you don't seem to fit that...
but since we don't seem to be falling all over ourselves with your answer yet you could defrag while you wait.
how is your antivirus, antispyware protection? have you scanned with updated definitions just so we can rule it out?

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post video card model?

by sgt_shultz In reply to maybe try a defrag while ...

what is your graphics card?

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7950 GT 512mb

by IMPeriel In reply to post video card model?

My video card is a 7950 GT 512 mb graphics card.

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Defrag and Anti-wares

by IMPeriel In reply to maybe try a defrag while ...

Did a defrag the last day it was working. Also did my anti-wares scans the day prior to the no video. I have a 300Gb hard drive but approximately only 12Gb are taken up so it was a quick scan. Even did the microsoft one touch thing they have on their website.

Antispyware- Spybot S&amp
Adaware SE

Antivirus- Norton (forget the edition)
Microsoft's One Touch

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Driver issue

by DaveDXB In reply to Safemode

If you can logon into safe mode.

Means the hardware is fine.

Im sure its the driver issue!!!!!

Sometimes, if you dont install the correct driver, the resolution is to high or low for the monitor...and the monitor wont read the graphics cards details giving u a blank screen.

Happened to me before. I fixed it by downloading the latest update for my graphics card from the Internet on ANOTHER computer.

The i logged into safe mode and copied the updates and installed them..

I strongly beleive its your driver files....funny how it work last night...maybe u updated windows???? or something??

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you SURE nothing changed in your sleep?

by sgt_shultz In reply to Begins Loading XP and the ...

maybe a windows update was applied. or maybe you plugged in a new device a few days ago?
your symptoms sound like a boot 'hang' which could be video driver associated but could also be some other problem. you could also try unplugging stuff, especially wireless mice

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