being alerted when a specific person sends me an email.

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Is there a way to be alerted when a specific person emails me in outlook? (ie. I get sent an email to tell me me the MR.X has sent em an email)?


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Here's how to set up a sender defined alert

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to being alerted when a spec ...

This is how to set up Outlook so a sound goes off whenever an email arrives from a particular sender. Using similar steps, you can create other notifiers like having a custom pop-up message, start an application, or even run a script.

1) Open Outlook.
2) Open an email from the sender you want to set special alerts for.
3) at the top of the email's window, go to the Actions menu and select 'Create Rule.'
4) Put a check in front of "from [this address]" and click the Next button.
5) In the following window, put a check in front of "play a sound".
6) In the larger white field below that, click on the link 'a sound' and browse to the WAV sound file you want to associate with that sender.
7) Once you have selected a sound and clicked the Open button, click the Next button.
Here you can specify additional exceptions or just click Next.
9) Click Finish.

Later, you can remove this Rule by opening Outlook, going to the Tools menu, selecting Rules Wizard and deleting the Rule tied to that specific email address.

I hope this helps.

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Just Checking...

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