Being dropped from online matches

By AT91 ·
I'm having trouble with my home network while trying to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Ever since their first major content update, I continuously get dropped from matches with the message "Lost connection to server/host. connection timed out".
I have tried all solutions I can think of, I've reinstalled the game, checked my console and router for updates, my connection is wired to my router, which is of course wired to the modem, both are separate devices. My internet provider is Spectrum. I have all ports open that need to be for the game. I have a dedicated static IP address assigned to my console.

I've noticed that this will occur on both my console and PC.

What I continuously notice is the packet loss icon occur through the matches I'm playing. But there's no consistency to when I get dropped, it just happens randomly, sometimes the packet loss icon isn't even on screen.
Does anyone know what could be causing my issue?
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The solution that worked for me with COD MW 2019 connection lost

by talevi83 In reply to Being dropped from online ...

I tried many things like you did and non of them had worked,
Until I remembered that I configured the Google DNS on my router.
I have changed back to the ISP DNS instead of Google and that's it!
The game is working as it should be! problem solved!
I don't know what the issue is with Google DNS server, but changing this to the ISP DNS was fixed it for me.
The other thing that may fixed it if it's not the DNS, is that I restarted my router,
But I don't think that this was the solution.

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by majoodiii In reply to Being dropped from online ...

if you have found a fix please tell me because i cannot play multiplayer because of this

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by AuroraQ8 In reply to m

hello there did you fix the problem?? im from kuwait

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