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Being Hacked need help to lock down :)

By Aaron A Baker ·
Dear Friends
I need advice and I must say, Badly.
I'm also going to put this up as a blog, but I thought I would ask you first.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in Advance

As you know, from my profile, I am a tech who keeps computers in shape for charitable organizations and the
unfortunate individuals who belong to these organizations.
I even build and the give away Computers to these people.
Right now I am the tech, responsible for the computers in an organization for the disadvantaged.
These people are mentally challenged but manage to play on the computers and have a great deal of un.
I have it set up so the only my Name and Password allows full control.
All computers are set up with ;
Win XPPro,
MS Office 2000
and a few other add ons.
Then I add a few games.
All other areas are turned off except GUEST.
This way they can only play the games that are on the computer "Put there by myself" and can't download music and other garbage from the net. Yes , they have net access too.
My problem is that some wise guy "Hacker" who proudly proclaims himself to be a hacker has gone in during my absence and changed my systems around. I usually come around once a week to clean the CPs.

He's allowed in all kind s of garbage and generally jammed up all the Computers so that Now I have to re format and re-install for every one of them.
I must admit to being quite frustrated by this as I do this as a benevolency, but the fact remains that he has hacked my systems and brags that he'll keep right on doing it.
I don't want to meet him as I can't guarantee my conduct.
My Question;
Is there any way that I can absolutely lock down the computer so that mine will be the only Name & Password
and every else must sign on as guest?
I am not a hacker, so I don't know all the tricks of that trade.
My setup was working just fine until this individual came along and I don't want this to become a cat and mouse game with

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by faradhi In reply to Being Hacked need help to ...

I have not tried this tool. However, It might fit your needs.


Let me know how it works.

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by Aaron A Baker In reply to

Thanks for the Information.
I went to the site and was impressed enough to sign on, "From the Horse's mouth" so to speak.
As for the tool, I downloaded it but didn't get a chance to use it as I did a "Major" lock down.
I seriously doubt that they'll getting in again, unless it's through the net and I have THAT locked off too.
Allow me to thank you once again for the lead.
It was helpful in more ways than one.

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by larryhyman In reply to Being Hacked need help to ...

Reformat, install windows xp or win 2000

make sure the hard drive is reformatted wit NTFS

(there is no security on a fat32 formatted drive)

give the administrator account a very hard and long password

make sure you disable booting form the cd or floppy or a usb device

use group security policies to disable the floppy and usb storage devices

There is a Linux boot disk program out there, that if the computer is booted from this floppy, it can reset the administrator password, maybe this is what he is using to log in.

or maybe you hard drives are formatted in fat32, all he would need to do then is boot from a standard win 98 boot disk...

at my work, the go the computers looked down so much that we can only run the programs we are supposed to... we can't write files on the hard drives (we do everything through network applications) and if we try to save a favorite in ie, the next day when we log into the domain, the whole computer is reset, even the favorites that we saved are gone....

so lets go over this again...

format with ntfs
disable floppy. cd and usb booting
make sure the administrator accounts password is very hard and long (and different one each machine)

for extra security, use a domain controller server with group policies enforced and make all the other computers a client of this domain, make sure they log on to the domain controller which will the impose very strict restrictions on the other computers

now this may seam like a big job, but remember you are dealing with a very smart hacker that has physical contact with the machines...

I'm sure there is even a lot more you can do than the stuff I mentioned, but at least do something !

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by Aaron A Baker In reply to

Re; My Hacker.
After may consultations and dicussions with many of you, I have decided to do the following.
I'm convinced that this will work.
After I completely formatted the Drive NTFS and re-installed th entire system, including all add ons.
I locked that thing down so tight that I don't think they'l be able to get in.
At least, I hope they won't.
I've turned off all the optics, turned off and disconnected the front USB ports, turned off [Disconnected] the CD Rom and floppy.
All that is left on the actual system is the hard drive and it can only be accessed through the "Guest" menu.
I've removed "all" Admins except one [Me} and appointed a Sub-Admin that operates under the "User" setting.
That way, they can only go so far and then they have to call me.
It's also got a 26 number password, for the Admin and a 12 number password for the CMOS .
This being a DELL, I put a padlock on the back so it's not possible to go anywhere near the Motherboard.
I brought it back and set it up, now all that remains is for him to try again, which I doubt will occur as everybody is on the look out for him now.
II can only hope that I've won this round. So far it looks that way, time will tell.
A huge vote of gratitude and thanks to all of you who helped me in this.
You know who you are and beleive me, so do I.
Suffices to say, I couldn't have done it without your invaluable support.
And above all encouragement.
I am truly grateful to all of you and I Thank You.

Warmest Regards

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by Gary_W In reply to Being Hacked need help to ...

Here's a method I swear by:
Once you set up a system to your needs, use defrag, then use an imaging tool like bootit to make a new, hidden partition. Image to that partition. When you come around and find machines screwed up, simply pop in your bootit boot diskette (or cd) and reimage fromt he saved copy. In 10 minutes you're back in business.

I did this just the other day, works like a charm and saves HOURS.


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by Aaron A Baker In reply to

Sounds reasonable. Next time, "And I hope there isn't one, I'll give this suggestion a try.
Usually I have the back end of the Drive or an extra Drive, reserved for all of the programs that are on the computer, but this jerk really fouled things up.
So I started all over and did as mentioned in my previous communication.
Believe me, they are completely locked down, but there is always a margin for error, I can only hope that I will have done enough.
Thanks for taking the time to reply to me on this, the help was appreciated.

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by Aaron A Baker In reply to Being Hacked need help to ...

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