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being hijacked

By ffontan1 ·
I have XP Home Edition on a HP Laptop. I am using PeoplePC as the internet provider which is connected using a dialup modem to PeoplePC.

I am experiencing two problems.

1.) The home page is being hijacked by other pages. I have gone to internet explorer and set it for PeoplePC but after it is hijacked I have to go back and reset the internet explorer back to PeoplePC's home page each time. Is there a way of locking this? or do you have another suggestion on how to keep this from happening.

2.) The other problem is the tool bar. I want to know khow to delete a toolbar and set up another and lock that also so that it will be the same. For Example: If I download Yahoo Toolbar or PeoplePC toolbar it disappears and another tool bar takes over. Do you have suggestions on how to delete a toolbar and set up one of these others and lock it so that it cannot be changed. I have downloaded both toolbars but they seem to be taken over by another toolbar which I didn't download infact the downloaded Toolbars that I want to use do not even appear only for a short time in the tools section and then disappear like they were never downloaded.

Please answer with step by step instructions on how to correct these two areas.

I Appreciate your help.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to being hijacked

there are a bunch of hijaaks out there and not really one set of instructions for all. you need to post details as much as you can. when you are getting hijaaked, to what address is it going? google that and you will see some info on getting rid of it. your suspicions are right on and the toolbars must go. find them in Add/Remove programs in control panel. peruse thru all those and remove any you can identify. write down names of those you are not sure of and post and we will tell you what we think they are.
once all toolbars have been uninstalled you may still have hijaak. so you think microsoft should have allowed us to 'lock' that eh? so do i.
apply all critical windows and office updates and service packs and run updated ad-aware a few times. if you have mid-addle it is a bear but you can remove it. post the address the browser is trying to take you to and we can help

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by ffontan1 In reply to

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by G.Brown In reply to being hijacked

It sounds like you have some sort of spyware that is hijacking your Internet Explorer ... maybe even a few.

Have a look at this article for steps you can do to prevent this hijacking again, and also lots of tools you can download to get rid of the current spyware on your system.

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by ffontan1 In reply to

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by wlbowers In reply to being hijacked

Getting rid of a hijack can be a nightmare. Below you will find tools to help you find the creep and get him out of your system.

Turn off system restore if it is used in your os.

Download, update, and run the following.

Your Antivirus Software

Spybot: Cootie Remover

Ad-Aware: Cootie Remover

Stinger: Virus Specific Remover
This item will not update through the program. You have to download the new version.

CWshredder: Trojan and Toolbar Cootie Remover
Look for the file in English CWShredder.exe

There are programs that will provide you with information about what is running on startup or what is loaded currently.


StartUpList is information only. Startup, Registery, and others. You can?t fix anything from within the program.


ProcInfo provides you with a quick overview of all currently running processes and displays detailed information for a lot of them.

Hijack This:

Hijack This
This program is useful in that it shows what is currently loading on startup. You must know what is good and what is bad. Once you check it and fix it is gone. So be sure. Items you are not sure of do a Google search for them.


Winaudit does an extensive audit of you computer. Complete list of installed software, dll, and other good stuff.


Everest (This replaced Aida32)

Everest used to be Aida32. Good system information.

Run Your Antivirus again

Download and install all OS updates.

I have had to boot into safe mode and run the removal programs.

Good Luck Lee

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by ffontan1 In reply to

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by ffontan1 In reply to being hijacked

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