Being targeted by Cracker,Pest,)

By jeffreyobrien2203 ·
everyday I have emails about what I talk about in house,plus the headers are always forged etc,is there a tool I can find to CATCH THIS MUNGREL i believe lives very close to me,I use AV Nortons 360 RTM w7 X64Bit,Malwarebytes realtime scanner,IE9 Minefield,Firefox,I really want to find out who this person or people are.


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Once you do

by santeewelding In reply to Being targeted by Cracker ...

What will you do -- whine?

Like confronting a burglar in your house in the middle of the night: "What are you doing?"


That's what he is doing, puke.

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Once you do

by jeffreyobrien2203 In reply to Once you do

If I knew who it was yes BOOM but I only want to bash this person almost to death for all they have done OKAY my ISP wont do anything they informed me all headers are forged so its to the POLICE
whine your Joking I would never winge as aussies settle scores face to face this so called hacker is a gutless fool hide-ing behind his computers firewalls

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we settle scores face to face?

by .Martin. In reply to Once you do

must have missed that memo.

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Look, mate. If someone is doing all this to you,

by seanferd In reply to Being targeted by Cracker ...

you really ought to contact your ISP and the police. Not sure why it would necessarily be a "hacker", though.

No, there is no "find the hacker" tool available.

<i>the headers are always forged etc</i>

How do you know they are forged, and what exactly does "etc." cover here?

P.S. Never a good idea to post you email address anywhere online. The spammers will have it, so edit it out. Plus, no one is going to email you or any other unknown person for the same reason, and others.

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Only 3 things I have to say here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Being targeted by Cracker ...

1 You are not being Targeted by a Hacker as all a Hacker is, is someone who knows a lot about Computers. What you are describing is the actions of a Cracker if they are breaking into your Computer or a Stalker if they are monitoring your actions.

2 No matter what this is a matter for the Police so report the actions to them and leave them to their own devices.

3 Edit your above Post and remove your E-Mail Address. This is a Public Forum and your E Mail address will be harvested by at the very least several of the Bots roaming the Internet and your In Box will be flooded with spam.


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Spy V/S Spy

by jeffreyobrien2203 In reply to Being targeted by Cracker ...

thanks to the three replys I have taken the advice and have reported this to police thanks for advice I should have mentioned I am vision Impared which is why I make foolish errors like email address posted for these bots crawling for spammers,its now a POLICE MATTER again thanks to all for the heads up

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