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By whiskersx_1 ·
1. In Account and Audit Policy sub group Password Policy specifically {Current Password Ages} What has to be set to make this acceptible?

2. In Administrative Tool/Local Policies/ Security Options/Network Access: {Shares that can be accessed anonyously}. this is defined as "comcfg,dfs$" without the quotes. This is what is recommended, but still the audit said this tweak failed. How do I fix this?

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by seanferd In reply to Belarc Advisor

1. What do you mean by "acceptable"? Maximum password age is a number, in days. After that number of days you have set is passed, you will be required by the OS to change your password. 0 means the feature is off.

2. Do you actually have any shared folders? Is the computer networked with others locally? If not, this does not apply.

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