Belkin F5D8233 router and using Remote Desktop

By MJT07 ·
I previously used ZoneAlarm for my firewall but recently purchased a Belkin F5D8233 router. I used Remote Desktop to access my pc from my job. Now that I have the router I am unable to use RDP.

Belkin has tried giving suggestions. I've setup port forwarding. I've setup the dynamicDNS service but doesn't appear to work properly.

Does anyone have this router and uses RDP to access their machine from outside the network and if so what did you do to resolve it?


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Port 3389

by Churdoo In reply to Belkin F5D8233 router and ...

Is port 3389 (TCP if it makes you specify, versus UDP) the port that you forwarded to the internal IP of your home PC?

Really it should be this simple, as long as you know your home IP at the time you're trying to connect. Obviously if you were able to do this before the router, then you know, or know how to find, your home IP -- double-check this by browsing to from home.

Also, double-check your zone alarm and/or your windows firewall to make sure they didn't become activated and/or didn't lose exclusions for allowing RDP/3389 -- I personally would disable all firewalls since you're now behind a NAT appliance, at least during testing.

Hope this is helpful

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RE: Port 3389

by MJT07 In reply to Port 3389

Thank you for the information. I have always had XP's firewall disabled. When I got the router, I uninstalled ZAlarm. I use Gateway IP monitor ( that sends me an email on intervals of what my IP address is for the purpose of being able to connect remotely since it changes every so often.
At this time I've removed the router until I can get more time to test since I only have just the one pc right now. I have the router in case I bring my work laptop home or someone visits.
In any event, when I can get to it again I'll be checking back here again if I run into any other problems.

Thank you

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