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Belkin router intermittent issues

By dlandmesser ·
Hey anyone have a belkin wireless router that insists on disconnecting from the modem every 4 days or so? I simply reset it in the web interface and it works fine again for a while. Sometimes I need to power cycle it. Anyone experience this?

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Belkin's dependable

by mjd420nova In reply to Belkin router intermitten ...

I have less trouble with Belkins than any other mfgr. They last longer and mine have never been turned off except for power interupt. Twice in two years. Linksys, Airlink, USR and others seem to fault somewhere shortly after one year. Cisco used to be best but the prices seem to deter most from trying them first.

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by dlandmesser In reply to Belkin's dependable

That's weird. I wonder, then, what is wrong with mine. I have MAC filtering on. Maybe thats the issue. I like Belkin because they support wireless bridging. That is an awesome feature. Saves a buttload of cash over access points. Linksys with high gain antennas are great. Hit my house and my buddies down the street easily. Good stuff.

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Belkin USB Wireless Adapter trouble

by shepodd In reply to Belkin router intermitten ...

Eeek! We hvae 2 computers, one on broadband and mine in the other office on wireless from the router. Every day at the same time, for the bulk of the work day, my internet goes out for about 5-6 hours then comes back.
What do I do? I have alked to Belkin and Dell, for hours. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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