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Belkin Router Outlook problem

By tasmail ·
If I download my emails through the Internet-no problems, If I use Outlook (or express) I only get the odd email. This problem only started when I changed from a normal ADSL modem to a Belkin Wireless Router/Modem, the problem exists whether I connect Wirelessly or by cable to the router. Everything else (Internet) appears to work ok. Are there any Router settings I can play with?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Belkin Router Outlook pro ...

Yes there most certianly are and as you are not able to get E-Mail consistantly from the router either by direct connection of WiFi I would tend to think that it isn't setup correctly.

Use the Manula that came with the Router most likely as a PDF file on the CD and just diretly connect 1 computer to it open your Web Browser and type in the HTTP address and then enter your user name & password and get stuck into the settings. But before you do this it would be a good idea to make sure that you have the latest version for the router and install if necessary.

Routers need to constantly have the newest Software installed to keep them secure. You should also change your password from the default as well and use a Alpha Numeric String as a password as they are harder to crack You don't want to make it easy for the intruders do you.

You'll also need to see if the Router is acting as a DHCP address sender and setup according to your needs. As there is a WiFi link here it's very important that you secure it as well as possible as these things have a range of up to 500 Mts and anyone within that range has the ability to log on and steal your Connection and download things that you will be legally libal for.

There should be an entire section in the manual devoted to securing the WiFi connection so it's important that you read it and follow the advice given there. If you much things up and can not get back in to fix them you can always use the Reset Switch which will return the uniot to the Factory Defaults so you can start again without a problem.

AS you didn't state a model it will vary the way that you setup the thing between models but page 8 here should be a guide for you.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Sorry for the Typo that should read Page 12 of the PDF not Page 8.

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Same here!

by pons In reply to Belkin Router Outlook pro ...

I'm working with a Belkin Wireless G router plugged into an Adelphia-provided DSL modem. The Belkin has a Model# of F5D7230-4. The client's computers cannot send large POST requests or any SMTP email while connected by ethernet or wifi to the Belkin, but has no problem with the DSL modem. My computer (a Linux laptop) does not have the same problem.

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