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    Belkin USB Adapter Problem


    by runthatbitchover ·

    I’ve just installed a wireless modem and router and a USB adapter, everything was working fine yesterday but now suddenly i can’t get online anymore. The icon by the clock which shows wether the internet is working or not is no longer showing up. If i try to load the program by clicking the shortcut on the desktop to connect to the internet it doesn’t open up (no window opens or no icon appears by the clock) and then a process error occurs and the program has to terminate.
    I’ve tried reinstalling the software and it still doesn’t work. Should i try a reformat or is there any other way?

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      by otl ·

      In reply to Belkin USB Adapter Problem

      First problem is Belken. Proprietary cabling and software. I would first.

      Try removing the software and (after reboot) reload it.

      Before I reload see if they have any patches for the software and download those to impliment after reloading or getting on-line.

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      Let me see if I have this:
      You had it working fine yesterday. You surfed the web.
      today, no dice plus error in Internet Explorer
      You on windows 98?
      No matter what OS, it sounds like spyware to me. Have you downloaded, installed, updated and run Ad-Aware Personal SE from your favorite download source to eliminate spyware?
      If you are on Win xp, boot into Safe mode with Networking (see Help for how). If that works, it is almost for sure spyware.

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      by stevemedley ·

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      By reinstalling…did you uninstall first? Program/driver uninstall then reinstall. If so then thar be the driver rollback, the restore point, the driver update…did you do all of these things. You don’t sound as if you could dabble with the registry devils so forget I mentioned it. I probably covered something you missed anyways. Best of luck.

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      by master3bs ·

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      If you have a router it is very likely you don’t need to use the connecton software. You should be able to surf into the router’s interface and tell it to login from there.

      Follow these steps. Click the Start Menu – Run and in the prompt type in cmd (or if you are using 98 or ME type in command)

      Click OK. This brings up a DOS window. Type in the word ipconfig and hit the enter key.

      If your IP address starts with 192 (or doesn’t start with 169) you should have a connection to the router. Write down what is listed as the gateway (most likely or a variation of that) and close the DOS prompt. (type in exit and hit enter)

      Now open up internet explorer. Erase EVERYTHING in the Address bar and type in what was listed as the gateway. Hit Enter and this should bring you to the interface. It may ask for a password. The default of SOME belkin routers is a blank line for username and password.

      From there, you’ll need to locate a place to enter in your ISP’s username and password. Do this and see if you connect.

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