Belkin VPN issue

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I have a BELKIN G+ mimo router F5d9230-4 which does not allow me to connect to the company network through a cisco VPN client, any help would be appreciated

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There is a lot going on in this question....

by ---TK--- In reply to Belkin VPN issue

What errors are you getting? Are you using the correct user name and password? Are the proper ports set up correctly at your work? Has it worked before? Is your firewall configured correctly and what kind is it? Is the destination address correct?

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by jagatar In reply to There is a lot going on i ...

1. The errors I get are like timing out errors, the VPN connection only lasts for around 5 mins
2. I have the correct username and password
3. I believe the correct ports are set up at wotk as thousands of other users use the VPN client wothout an issue.
4. It does work but only for around 3-5 mins
5. Not sure about the firewall, but I believe it is standard windows.
6. Not too sure whether the destination address is correct or not, wouldn't know how to find this.

I have spoken to my network guy at work and he reckons that the belkin router does not allow VPN passthrough, but the router docs suggest otherwise

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