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Belkin Wifi 802.11g

By bldsm ·

I have 2 PCs with Belkin Wifi 802.11g PCI cards and a laptop with a PCMCIA WiFi Card. I have a Belkin 54g wired and wireless router connected to a internet cable modem. Everything but the newest PC works wirelessly perfectly. The old Win XP PC stays connected to the home network all the time with its PCI wifi card while the newer Xp PC keeps dropping the connection especially if the machine is not being used but both when used and not.

I have reinstalled software and hardware twice with no difference.

The PCI card at fault is 2 days old and the other one I bought for the other PC on the same day works perfectly.

All 3 PCs are next to each other the floor below the router and all say excellent connection (until the one machine drops it).

Can anyone advise what I should do please?

many thanks

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Belkin Wifi 802.11g

Well this isn't something that I've run across but from my reading you have 2 identical WiFi PCI cards bought together and only one works properly is this right?

If that's the case have you tried switching them between the different computers to see if the problem persists with the Card or Computer?

If it's the card you most likely have a faulty one and need to return it for replacement but if it remains on the computer you'll need to look at it very carefully as there is something unique to that computer causing the problem.

If it's the computer you could could try it in a different PCI slot even though this may mean juggling some PCI cards around or because of the Chip Set type on the M'Board that piece of Hardware might not be compatible with the M'Board each is possible.

Also as you have thee units so close together that may be introducing some problems with Reflected RF but that's just a guess as on every WIFI installation that I've ever worked on the individual units have been separated by some distance so that there was no need to run some cable. If that are all side by side wouldn't it be easier to hardwire them in and keep the WIFI for the NB?


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by bldsm In reply to
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by bldsm In reply to Belkin Wifi 802.11g

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