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    Belkin Wireless USB & Win 2000


    by catsforus ·

    I have just purchased a Belkin Wireless High Speed Mode USB Adapter Part # F5D7051uk. I originally set this up on my laptop using Windows XP Pro with no problems. I have since changed the operating system of this laptop to Win 2000 SP4.

    My problem is this I cannot seem to get this to work on 2000. If I install it it all seem to go ok but if I check in network connections my local cable connection wants to use this device. If I check in the Wireless setup I only have infrared and the com ports as an option.

    Any help with this would greatly be appreciated.

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      USB of Windows 2000

      by rodneyjensen ·

      In reply to Belkin Wireless USB & Win 2000

      Windows 2000 by default does not expel the correct USB drivers during setup. Thus, right click My Computer/manage/device Manager/Universioal Serial Bus Controller. Click on the plus at USBC. This will tell you what bus controller is installed. It may be the unsupported VIA universial serial bus controller or an other unsupported controller. Right click the controller and select properties/driver/update driver. Select the, display a list of known drivers, next. Select the universial host controller, not the Standard universiasl host controller. For example mine is VIA universial serial host controller. Then, next. This will load the correct universial host controller, a USB hub and the drivers that have been loaded for the USB device that is plugged into the USB port.

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      Belkin wireless USB Adapter

      by quinland ·

      In reply to Belkin Wireless USB & Win 2000

      I have been using this adapter on a Win2K system. As I recall, I had to disable the ethernet network card to open up a port.
      You may want to check hidden devices in the Device Manager. I found I had other wireless adapters. Deleting those seemed to help.

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