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Hey there guys... I need some help finding a GOOD Benchmark Utility to test my Netbook...for those who have answered my previous questions... u know I have a Compaq CQ10-120LA... Atom N270 HT @ 1.60GHz, 2GB DDR2-800 RAM, 160GB SATA-II HDD, Intel i945GSE Chipset, Intel 82945GSE 256MB Graphics and running Win7 Ultimate... well I've been using Everest Ultimate v.5.30 to Benchmark my Netbook...my Q is if there is better benchmark software available out there that u guys would recommend. I know since I'm running Win7 Ultimate I am overtaxing my system but I want to get the best possible performance out of what I have with a GOOD Benchmark Utility so I can see what I can tweak to boost performance a bit... I'm already maxed out at 2GB RAM and it made a big difference, just want to see what else I can improve...any help would be greatly appreciated guys... thanx again...

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Of course

by robo_dev In reply to Benchmark Apps or Tools.. ...

There is the possibility that poorly written benchmarking software may totally hose your system and/or the process of searching for better software yields some nasty spyware infection.

Personally I don't use benchmarking software, just some internet speedtests and tweaktests from dslreports.com and some 'seat of the pants' tests to see if the system seems fast.

Links to benchmark apps:

In terms of tweaking any Windows box, the biggest gains are simply by stopping services you don't need, and making sure the network connection is perfect. For example, sometimes people have old network printers still configured, or links to network shares that do not exist...these really slow down your LAN performance.

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