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Benchmarking Value

By francis.obrien ·
Is there documentation of the value of benchmarking? The concept and practice seems solid, but can somebody show a history of good cost benefit data from benchmarking, please?

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Regarding Benchmarking

by JamesRL In reply to Benchmarking Value

There are many types of things you can benchmark - system performance, process efficacy, things either technological or business process related.

The key reason you benchmark is to get a baseline - a starting point reference. Doctors often do this before starting a new course of treatment. Why? So that if things change they have a basis of comparison or a reference mark.

Lets say an exectuive sets an objective that IT project delivery be improved by 10%. In order to have any meaningful way of understanding whether you have accomplished that goal you would need a benchmark to understand where you are today, and then rerun the benchmark after your attempts at improvement.

In terms of technology, benchmarks can provide real proof of technological assertions.

For example, internal customer demands that perfomance on their software application be improved. Benchmarking would set the standard of measuring what the current performance is. If an analyst suggests a new processor would speed up the application, you can measure against that benchmark and prove or disprove the theory, assuming you have set a good benchmark.

Hope that helps.

James Linn

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