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Benchmarks for Cloud Computing

By dduffy ·
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After reading ?Who's afraid of the big, bad cloud?? (;leftCol) I saw that there were many concerns with Cloud Computing. This made me think that I need to make a checklist of questions I need to ask the vendors when and if we decide to go to cloud computing. Not only do I need a list of questions, but I need some sort of benchmark and scoring for these questions. Does anyone have some thoughts on the issue?

A few questions I have came up with so far are;
Where is the data being stored? Country/state
What privacy rights do I have with my data based on where it is being stored?
What type of separation will my data have from other?s data (physical/virtual)?
What type of notification do I get when security is breached? My data, the service?s locations, ???
What type of redundancy is there in place for access to the service/data?
What type of regulatory compliance is in place?
Who is responsible for problems/data loss/breach? If the service, how are they responsible??? Can I sue them??? If no money loss or jail time top them, then what is their motivation to ensure I am ?safe????
What is their hiring process? Background checks? Initial and periodic. You may be good when hired, but later you become a risk.
What type of security measures/reporting do they do to monitor their employees and my data?
What type of security measures are in place (encryption, others)?
What third parties am I dealing with?

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what does it cost

by CG IT In reply to Benchmarks for Cloud Comp ...

is there a montly limit on data transfers? what's the cost after the limit?

What does it cost per month per connection?

What is the reliability in uptime?

what is the bandwidth requirement for X # of users?

What is the user connection requirement? HTTPS? VPN IPSEC? SSL? is certificates required? if so who's?

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