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benchtest euipment to test motherboards

By hbuhler ·
Where can I locate information relative to finding and buying equipment or modifying equipment to test motherboards?

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benchtest euipment to test motherboards

by djent In reply to benchtest euipment to tes ...

OEMs design propriatary benchtesting setups for each individual MB design, impossible in the field. Diagnostic software is the next best thing even though it is not as comprehensive.

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benchtest euipment to test motherboards

by TheChas In reply to benchtest euipment to tes ...

On a realistic basis, if you can't find the problem on a motherboard with a good DMM and a fast oscilloscope, the repair is going to cost more than ANY motherboard is worth, IF you can get the parts.

A good diagnostic card is going to help you a lot more than any customized test equipment.


If you have a problem that is beyond the voltage regulators and clock oscillators, the equipment to remove and replace the ICs is very specialized and expensive toboth purchase and operate.

I really believe that the use of a logic analyzer would not yield more useful information than a DMM and a POST card would.

I work in the avionics industry. ALL of our circuit board test equipment is custom built.
The test process usually begins with a in-circuit component test.
This verifies that the parts are correctly installed, and that there are no shorts between leads.
A functional test connects to the data busses and exercises the buss and attached components.


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