Benefits of Direct X 10?

By druuzil ·
As yet I am uncertain if there are any. There are no games on the market which utilize this new set of components. Vista is glitchy as yet. I am currently equipped with a Geforce 7950 GX2 graphics card, and I am wondering whether or not it is in my best interests to bother with the 8800 series, as games which will benefit from DX10 hardware won't be out for a while yet. Also it is worth noting that by the time these games ARE available, there will almost certainly be a better series of cards on the market (both from nVidia and ATI). It is my opinion that the 8 series is merely a gimic for early adopters and while there is nothing technically wrong with the cards themselves, I wonder if they shouldn't be avoided like the plague.


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There are two possible trains of thought here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Benefits of Direct X 10?

The first is that these are available now and if there are compatibility issues with the hardware it will be easy to sort out now than latter as there is no guarantee that the latter cards will work with an older M'Board without Compatibility Issues as the Hardware is a massive change and may not be compatible.

Then you can look at things the other way and as you quite rightly say that as there are no Direct X 10 Games to run as yet you should wait for the Software to become available and even then freely available as the instruction sets may change as the technology develops and you get a better Video Card to use when you actually need it.

6 of one Half a Dozen of the other if you ask me but any decision should be based on the currently hardware that is being used and if newer Video Cards are likely to run on what you have now without a major upgrade being necessary.


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