Benefits of GMT time zones

By sally.niemi-farhoody ·
I have been requested to change the time zones on my application servers to GMT Standard. This has been requested of all the servers in our company. I have many jobs/processes that run and I'm curious as to the benefit of such a change.

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by TheChas In reply to Benefits of GMT time zone ...

Assuming that your company either has branches in different time zones, or is a multi-national, the use of GMT time on servers is a darn good idea.

Using GMT, all of the servers would have their clocks in sync. That way, you never need to account for local time when tracking events or file changes on the server.

With the growing use of emails in legal cases, having the mail servers in particular all in time sync makes it much easier to chart the sequence of events and messages.


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phone/web conferences

by jdclyde In reply to Benefits of GMT time zone ...

If you have remote people or vendors, if you are not using GMT there is always the chance of someone missing the event. How often have you had to stop to wonder what time it is in another time zone?

I suppose a better question is, is there a single reason you would NOT want to use GMT?

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