Benefits of having two separate domains within one corporation

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I am a tech assigned to a department at a corporation and over the last year the idea has been floating around to split the department off into to separate domain and network. Thus creating a dedicated IT department for my department and having a separate IT department for the rest of the corporation

I was wondering if I could get the communities thoughts on the Pros and Cons of this idea.

Background Information:
Let me offer some background information on the department within this corporation and the reason behind the thoughts to create a separate network and domain.

The department I work for within the corporation provides video surveillance of the entire building that this corporation resides. There are approximately 15 PC running Windows XP, Approximately 2 File Servers running Windows 2003 Server, and Approximately 105 Digital Video Records which are all connected into 7 Dell PowerConnect 5324 switches. These switches are then connected via fiber up to a main switch that is connected into a router. Currently we use the primary domain controllers and AD structure of the corporation

The idea of splitting this department off from the primary network and domain is that no one outside of this department needs access to the resources within the department. In addition there is an extreme amount of network activity within the department and we would like this activity to not affect the rest of the network in any way. Lastly, due to the nature of the business of the department with the corporation, the data is considered confidential and the possibility of someone from outside the department being able to access the data would like to be eliminated.

The only minor note should be that this department wants to continue to use the corporations primary exchange server which would mean that a trust would most likely have to be created between the two domains.

---Devices within department-
Approximately 15 PCs running Windows XP
Approximately 2 File Servers running Windows 2003 Server
Approximately 105 Digital Video Records
7 PowerConnect 5324 switches

Your thoughts would greatly be appreciated.

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I think splitting up the domains....

by ---TK--- In reply to Benefits of having two se ...

would actually be a good thing.... it would be more secure, it would really speed up the network, and in the long run its easer to manage. Just make sure there are standard on how to setup stuff... and Document Document Document... Once that gets out of hand its a nightmare from then on...

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