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    Benefits of integrating CI/CD pipeline automation testing?

    by mindmadetechnologies ·

    Hi guyz,
    What are the Benefits the you Guyz Primairly consider in integrating CI/CD pipeline automation testing?

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      Re: benefits

      by kees_b ·

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      If well done, it saves manual work and increases the quality of the product. On the other side, it takes time to maintain the set of tests to be executed and checked, which of course is essential.

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      And for some projects, never do this.

      by rproffitt ·

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      My best example was a 28 day project. It was a tight budget and deadline so I was to hop on, get it done and on day 28 never spend another dime on it.

      There was no room in the budget for CI/CD.

      Result: Others in the company wanted to do more review (even if the project was done, closed and working) so who would pay me to do this work. I agreed to more reviews if they would find the money. Yup, the folk that wanted more reviews on a project they weren’t involved in didn’t come up with the money.

      The project was a remote control dongle. Finished in 28 days and never needed updates. A classic example of where you don’t burden a project with automation etc.

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      Reply To: Benefits of integrating CI/CD pipeline automation testing?

      by unlimitedconnections95 ·

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      Integrating Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline automation testing brings several significant benefits to software development:

      Enhanced Efficiency: Automation testing in CI/CD pipelines reduces manual intervention, speeding up the development process. It allows for frequent code integrations and deployments, enabling quicker feedback loops and faster identification of bugs or issues.

      Consistent Code Quality: Automated testing ensures that the code meets predefined quality standards consistently. It helps maintain code reliability, reduces the chances of introducing errors, and enhances overall software quality.

      Early Bug Detection: Automation tests run automatically upon code changes, identifying bugs or issues at an early stage of development. This early detection enables prompt debugging and rectification, preventing issues from escalating into larger problems later in the development cycle.

      Cost and Time Savings: By automating repetitive testing tasks, CI/CD pipelines save time and reduce the resources required for manual testing. This efficiency results in cost savings and allows developers to focus more on innovation and adding value to the software.

      Streamlined Deployment Process: CI/CD automation ensures a smooth and standardized deployment process. Automated testing verifies that new code integrations are stable and compatible with the existing codebase, reducing deployment failures and rollbacks.

      Increased Confidence in Releases: Automated testing builds confidence in the software releases. Continuous testing throughout the development lifecycle provides assurance that the software is reliable and functioning as expected.

      Agility and Flexibility: CI/CD automation facilitates the adoption of agile development practices. It allows for rapid iteration and deployment of new features, ensuring the software remains adaptable to changing requirements and market demands.

      In summary, integrating automation testing into CI/CD pipelines offers numerous advantages, including improved efficiency, consistent code quality, early bug detection, cost savings, streamlined deployment processes, increased confidence in releases, and better adaptability to agile development practices.

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